For 11 years, I lived in a desert. A desert insofar as Dunkin Donuts matters. And believe me, donuts (of the Dunkin variety) matter! My poor, donut-deprived kids heard stories of my family bringing Munchkins to school on birthdays, of the poor, wayward, plain Munchkins that invariably were left at the bottom of the box with the few blueberry stragglers.


Chocolate Munchkins are THE BEST!


My children have seen the power of the donut: visiting relatives in Pennsylvania, they saw their mom U-turn on a busy road (a driving behavior typically reserved for Athens streets!) to get to a Dunkin. Once, when we landed late night in NY, they watched in awe as I bought them a dozen donuts at the airport to have as a midnight snack and then again for breakfast. Since we didn’t have these delicacies in our mountain hamlet, I would happily indulge when the opportunity presented itself. 

But now. Now. That has all changed. As of today, Fasnacht Day to the uninformed, there is now a Dunkin Donuts to serve our little town (even if my family not there to celebrate it — thank you to my Boulder friends who are there today celebrating)! For upcoming birthdays, we can get a giant box of Munchkins for *their* school birthday celebrations, just like their momma did so many years ago. 

However, I can’t help but have a little giggle at the irony of the whole thing. Boulder, the granola-yoga happy-former hippy (and psuedo-hippy)-healthy-kumbayah-composting community, embracing Dunkin Donuts is delicious in and of itself. This is the same forward-thinking community that protested a neighborhood-sized Walmart coming to town, occupying an empty storefront, employing dozens of workers, and providing a viable alternative for those whose wallets and/or ethos are allergic to Whole Foods prices. 

Why protest Walmart, a store that is bringing jobs and shopping opportunities as well as selling the same darn things as Target? And why not protest corporate behemoth Dunkin Donuts, which seem to me to be ripe for the picketing: 

  • The living wage issue: I can almost guarantee you that Duncan Donuts bakers and clerks do not make a “living wage” and, I’d wager a guess that their benefit packages are not going to make Hillary Clinton swoon.
  • Product: There is *no* redeeming health value to any of the food stuff sold inside the Dunkin Donuts; in fact, I believe I can accurately predict that kale smoothies and quinoa crullers are not happening any time soon.
  • It is neither small nor local. In fact, (thank you google!), they have over 15,000 “restaurants” in 37 countries (sadly, none in Greece. Looks like we’ll need to make a trip to Bulgaria some time soon for our fix!) For fun, check out the international locations at:

So, Walmart protestors, why, oh why not picket Dunkin Donuts? Anyone who truly believes in locally sourced products sold by people earning fair wages from a small business, should want to run these purveyors of donut-doom out of town!! 

Homer Donut love

But donuts inspire love and happiness, so who could protest that?

Happy donut dunkin, Boulder!!!  

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5 replies on “Big Donut Arrives

  1. Not only do I approve…but I second the thought. Fickle prostesters. Is D-D en-route to WF?

    I will say that Tim-bits trump Munchkins any day. Although, there’s probably a demand for ‘Munch’kins in Colorado these days.

  2. So good, Beanie! The donuts are so good! Oops, I meant blog….the blog is so good.
    Typical and not shocking for the bubble to come down hard on the moral high ground in the case of Walmart because….well, it’s Walmart, and give other like-minded corporate giants a pass, because….well, the clothes at Target are cute, as are the housewares…and who doesn’t love donuts?
    And I’m sure it’s not a big deal that those adorable $120 Lululemon yoga pants were (while designed in Canada) manufactured in Bangladesh, China etc…. But don’t ask me. My thighs touch so the CEO of Lululemon doesn’t want me wearing his clothes anyway.

  3. Love your blog!
    I would say that one reason DD wasn’t picketed is that it reminds us of the OLD Dunkin’ Donuts. We had one the entire time I was growing up – it was only about 10 years ago that Dunkin’ Donuts left Boulder. 🙂

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